15 Innovative Ideas for an Interior Design Transformation

Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or are looking for a quick and easy transformation, there are some interior design tricks you can employ at a minimal cost! Sometimes, it’s just those small changes you need that can make the biggest impact. Let’s take a look at these clever tips and how they inspire you!

Establish a Color Scheme

Create a Color Palette

Perhaps you’re not sure of which colors you should use, but you can definitely tell when something isn’t right. Devising a color palette will make decorating and enhancing your home a lot quicker and easier while making the whole process an enjoyable experience.

Start With a Basic Color Scheme

Basic color scheme for your interior design

A basic color scheme like neutrals are not boring and can transform your home into a relaxing and soothing space. A calm and neutral backdrop brings out some pretty bold elements into your design while creating a warm and welcoming space.

Fake Height

Create Strong Verticals and Avoid Horizontals

Small spaces can be a challenge to decorate, but lets not forget interior design has a different impact on your house. Choosing the wrong color or furniture can make a space feel claustrophobic since a room’s space includes a lot of horizontals. Emphasize on the verticals by using floor-to-ceiling draperies that hang just below the ceiling.

User Large Mirrors To Add Scale To Your Room

Make use of large mirror to look your room bigger

Mirrors can easily make a small space feel large. For a large room with minimal natural light, mirrors can be placed directly across windows to add instant light.

Extend Your Backsplash

Learn how to extend your backsplash
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Designer Angie Hranowsky recommends using eye-catching tiles to make a statement in your kitchen and bathroom, by covering as much of the wall as your budget allows.

Play With Textiles

Learn how to use textiles in improving your interior design
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Straw, just and rush are natural materials that add neutral tones to your home and are accessories that always add a chic element to your home.

Swap Chairs With Benches

Bench ideas for dining table
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Dining room benches may not make a statement in the way of dining chairs but is a great way to add versatility to your dining space. A smart upholstered seat in grey fabric, for instance, can be an elegant addition while offering the impression of comfort.

Use the 50/150 Rule

How to use 50-150 rule in interior design

To get the perfect color mix, mix one batch of paint 50 % lighter than your base while another 150 % darker, which is a safe method for wall painting.

Add Velvet

Make use of Velvet in your interior design
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Whether you are ready to go bold or stay subtle, velvet is a timeless accessory that adds a luscious and soft feel to your home. If you’re looking for a living room change, throws and pillows on your sofa can create a graceful accent to any space.

Try A High Contrast Palette

Make use of contract palette in your interior design

Mixing clashing colors to create a visual stir can be tricky, but it will definitely get your guests talking and weave emotions through your home, telling a story and adding expression.

Chose The Right Curtain

How to select the right curtain for your home

When it comes to enhancing your windows, it’s all about the color and fabric, length and lining. Fabrics are essential when choosing curtains and if the room in question is exposed to a lot of light, avoid using bright colors since they fade faster. Some curtains also help to keep the cold out and fabrics like velvet, suede, tapestry and tweed blocks light and traps heat.

Paint Your Rental

Paint Your Rental
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Even your temporary space deserves some love and it’s not going to be expensive. Max Sinsteden believes that irregular surfaces look just as beautiful when painted using an earth tone.

Paint Your Ceiling

Color idea for your ceiling
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Many designers like Caitlin Moran believe painting your ceiling is a great idea. Painting your ceiling a lighter version of your walls will make the room feel brighter even with just a few windows.

Go Dark

Use Dark Color in your interior design
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Dive in and select a strong hue that may seem intimidating, but adds a lot of drama to any space. When your walls wear a moody brown, you don’t really need any other colors or patterns to compliment them. Dark walls can tie pieces together from different eras, giving the whole room a look that is cohesive and trendy.

Bedside Aclove Bookshelf

Bookshelf idea for your bedroom
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Small spaces can be difficult to furnish, but a deep aclove can be the perfect spot for your bed, without adding extra furniture to a small space to make it a book shelf.

Mixing Patterns In a Small Living Room

Mixing patterns for your small room
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Mixing patterns in a small living space is a tricky task when decorating your home. However, when patterns are mixed correctly, you can turn a dull room into something extraordinary. When adding prints, go bold with different shapes and sizes; florals complement stripes and spots really well.

Bespoke Tented Cupboard

Tented Cupboard idea for room
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Inspired by the design of a Victorian ‘Campaign Wardrobe’, bespoke tented cupboards are the perfect solution for awkward bedroom corners. They can be upholstered and lined in your choice of fabric, making an attractive piece of furniture for your bedroom.

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