Take your decor up a level with classy bench designs

Benches are the most versatile furniture for homes. Furnished with extra attention to comfort, decoration, and durability, our new range of benches defines the personality of the entire house. These two-seater or three-seater benches make it convenient to accommodate people comfortably or relax outdoors with a cup of brew in the sunshine. Our range of unique benches for home decor comes in an array of styles that fit all moods. 

While sourcing furniture, interior designers or clients often get puzzled about the type of benches they should choose. So, here’s your guide to unique benches that will help you shop for a perfect one! 

A Pool Of Indoor And Outdoor Benches

There are varied categories of benches, but the two major ones include indoor benches and outdoor benches. Keep your priorities straight! An outdoor bench can be used in the interiors but an indoor bench can not be as they are not designed to stand up to wind, rain, and blazing sun.

  1. Outdoor Benches
    By simply adding an exotic bench to the terrace or garden, you can make it more inviting and comfortable. Outdoor benches for homes are designed from a range of materials. Natural wood is always the choicest pick due to its strength, warmth, and beauty. Cedar and powder-coated metal are the other available materials that are water-resistant and durable for the outdoor benches of your setup.

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  2. Bedroom Benches
    Bedroom benches add an extra tint of styling, seating, and storage to the bedroom. They are often placed at the foot of the bed where you can sit, and they may also have hidden storage options to store blankets or other linens. In addition to this, benches for the bedroom provide a place to layout clothes or balance the room’s decor.

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  3. Entryway Benches
    A bench in the entryway can be a blessing to home. You can embellish your home with classy entryway benches by placing exquisite artefacts and show-pieces on them. It can even be used to store your essentials. A bench near the door can make it much easier to remove shoes or coats.

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  4. Dining Bench
    Jazz up your seating with finely crafted dining benches. These are a perfect seating choice that adds to the decoration of the home. Dining benches for home can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can level up the decor by adding one or two dining benches on the long sides of the table and giving a perfect mixed match with the chairs.

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Choosing The Righteous Benches For Living Space

The modern living space requires plenty of versatile solutions in amalgamation with quality design. Benches act as a seat and a surface that adapts to any living space, exquisite modernistic decor, or vintage-contemporary ones. 

The foremost step to choosing the befitting bench for living space is to determine its space. Outdoor benches or garden benches entirely exposed to the elements should be placed amidst the green grass or terrace, and it’s best to skip cushions with such furniture. Wooden benches with arm-rests look gorgeous with the greens and provide comfy sitting space for two to three people at once.

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On the contrary, indoor benches come in a vast range of possibilities in terms of style and functionality. The bedroom where comfort is the king, upholstery, and padding is the top-drawer pick. Mixing a bench with an eclectic array of chairs or elaborating the entryway with stylish benches is a great way to create dimension. 

Next, determine the purpose of the bench. If the requirement is to store essentials, then hunt for the bench with shelves or cubbies beneath the seat. As a statement piece, you can go with vintage or Mediterranean bench designs. Look for the designs that go hand-in-hand with overall decorating

Furnishing With The Correct Sized Benches

The style, size, and design of the bench must be by the decor. For a queen or king-sized bed, measure the foot of the bed and opt for the one that fits in like a fairy tale. The width of the dining bench must fit between the legs of the table, keeping in mind the smooth movement of the bench. If you wish to place the bench against the wall, bear in mind the clearance area to walk around 18 inches away from the wall. Choose the best ones; it is as versatile as it can get.

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