Stylish, durable, and customizable bar stools for the hospitality environments

Brimming with timeless elegance and details, the exquisite range of bar stools for hospitality is as functional as its ornate. You can add a bar stool as a seating unit in hotels, cafes, or banquets and grant contemporary furnishing to the project. Whether in an open-plan counter or a restaurant table, the bar stool is an iconic furniture model ideal for embellishing the corners that would otherwise remain untouched. Metal structures, upholstered seats, and a plethora of colors furnish the bar stool that makes every day look like a treat.

With a slew of bar stool options for furniture sourcing, here’s a guide that addresses some key elements that will help you hone in on the best seat with all the required features.

Vintage Or Voguish: What’s Your Bar Stool Style?

Pondering about the style and design of bar stool that will justify the aesthetic of the hospitality industry? Vintage or Voguish? Low or high? Our bar stool guide for homes will help you find the perfect seating collection that gives your customer comfort and a lifetime memory of your cafe or restaurant.

  1. Traditional-Bar Stools
    Traditional-style restaurants or cafes usually have an elegant and a little formal ambiance. Familiarity and warmth are the core traits of such a hospitality industry. The design and style of the bar tool must be rhythmic with the grace and delicacy of the overall decor. Parsons stools, barrel stools, and metal-wood combination stools are the choices pick for such an environment. Wooden stools design with decorative and exquisite nailheads are yet another finest choice that fits well with traditional designs.
  1. Contemporary Bar Stools 

    Modern Bar Stools infuse a dramatic touch and balance effectively with any contemporary environment. Spruce up the venue by infusing contemporary bar stools in iron or steel painted in vibrant tones. Wood remains a lifesaver: naturally curved wood with light tints for the Scandinavian styles works best for a chic style decor.

    One can never go wrong with the upholstered stools adorned with armrest, backrest, and footrest, which meet the most modern liveable elements. The seats of the stools covered with leather or synthetic leather are often implanted in modern furnishings to create a modish environment without compromising with the quality and comfort.

Uses Of Bar Stools In A Unique Way

Interior designers and architects are in love with the bar stools that give them far-flung options for seating, visual weight distribution, and overall comfort. Grant your customers the highest level of comfort and a wonderful experience with gorgeous bar stools.
Apart from enacting as an extra seat, bar stools for hospitality have various unique uses.
Starting with the dining, comfy and dazzling bar stools can be added on the corners of the table to give a sui-generis view and comfort your customers. High stools or bar stools with the winged back and swivel mechanisms are the choicest picks for dining.
You can create a monochromatic look of the venue with upholstered bar stools. They enhance the definition of the bar, cafe, or restaurant and blend well with the decor. Guaranteed greater comfort in their version with a bar stool with a backrest is an impeccable part. In addition to the list, low stools are no less in usage. Fancy and jazzy low stools narrate a classical tale to the unlimited chit-chats with loved ones.
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Choose The Right Bar Stool: Measure Twice Shop Once

From hundreds of contours and heaps of combinations of design and furnishes, choosing the right bar stool for hospitality is the key. Making a purchase involves more than style: height and width of the element. An extravagant and gorgeous bar stool is useless if it does not fit on the table. So, before procuring, measure the counter’s height. The seat should be around 9-12 inches from the bottom of the countertop. Any variation in the measurement will lead to discomfort and make the appearance disproportionate. For measuring the width, calculate the width of the table and determine the number of stools required. Leave enough space between the stools to allow comfortable seating.

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