Partition Panels – Timeless elegance, functionality and privacy

Often, in a house, apartment, office, or any other place, it is necessary to use partition panels or walls to limit the rooms and use the available space. With the increase of open space environment designs, partition panels usage has grown substantially. The flawless amalgamation of design and functionality of room dividers permits to keep intact the sense of continuity between the rooms, thus creating elegant perceptions. A symbol of timeless elegance and functionality, they continue to evolve by presenting original solutions.

Partition panels in modern homes, offices, and residences are highly topical. For lovers of refinement and grace, you will not give up admiring the boundless choices of partition panel designs in the market. With the pool of choices comes the dilemma of choosing the righteous option for your home. This guide will give you an in-depth understanding of the partition panels and assist you in selecting the one that fits your taste and home design.

Types of Partition Panels

The building has a garage of walls! Whether room service or privacy, partition panels are a go-to, unblemished option that can be built to serve a pool of purpose. It comes in variegated shapes and types. Based on the building type, and materials a few types of partition walls are discussed below. 

Wooden partition panels are lightweight and have a breezy construction. Its resistance to fire and sound gives it an edge over others. In addition to this, wooden partition panels have edges tied down to the wall and linked to a sidewall. Mortar or sheets on both sides of the divider can provide added strength and layer to the partition. 

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Double-glazed window partition walls are a life-saver! The air capacity between two panes is 50mm. Thus, the air trapped in the cavity is stiff, transferring low vibrations to the room. Additionally, the precision gives the window an exquisite frameless glazed appearance. Such types of partition panels are mainly used in board rooms, offices, and private conference areas. Completely transparent or opaque, glass room dividers are an ideal choice for maximum customization of the style of furniture.


Lightweight, rigid, and economical, GI or AC sheet partition walls are yet another fantastic choice. They are secured with a steel or wooden border. It consists of a slab made of furrowed or core asbestos of a 5mm cement sheet.


Points To Bethink While Purchasing this Iconic Piece of Furniture

You must consider the following factors before spending a single penny on the partition wall for the building. 

The first in the queue is the aesthetics of the partition wall. Visual appeal is the prime concern while selecting a partition wall for your home, office, conference room, etc. A striking and elegant partition wall in the office never fails to leave a memorable impression on the customers. So, get your focus point on how every partition can enhance your workspace or living environment. 

Undoubtedly, partition walls for the building are easy on the pocket. Its features like portability, practicality and economic value make them an irresistible choice for construction. It gives rise to new spaces without shutting down existing walls.

Before selecting a partition wall, place the privacy factor in the picture. In places like hospitals, offices, privacy is of utmost importance. Hence, opt for walls that deliver increased concealment. For example, aluminum walls with integral bindings or wooden walls are best to place your eyes on. 

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Variegated Applications of Partition Panels

For conference centers or exhibitions, partition walls are your best bet. Various trade shows or events can occur concurrently with the support of these gorgeous panels. In hospitals and other confidential settings where privacy and confidentiality are paramount factors, partition walls are a life savior. Partition panels in hotels allow them to comfortably organize gatherings without disrupting others. In the case of offices, partition panels permit meetings to occur concurrently, deliver privacy, and keep disturbances at a minimum. 

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