Marble – The most valuable addition to your home!

Marble – for the luxurious you, is the most valuable addition to the home. Each piece of marble is of its kind. From sleek marble counter-tops to posh marble flooring, the material itself speaks volumes about its elegance and grandeur. Marble for home is an excellent choice. It is a graceful rock built from the compacted materials inside the Earth. The random, natural occurrences are the reason behind the marble resulting in different colors and textures. Every size and texture of marble is durable and easy to maintain.

Marble is a timeless, luxurious beauty! Choosing marble is proportional to investing in the home. It pops up in variegated styles, colors, finishes, and textures. Marble for kitchen, bathroom, and counter-top is an impeccable choice as it is heat and water-resistant. The symbol of luxury, marble, is renowned for its reflective nature, beautiful aesthetics, and unique color patterns. Our range of unique marbles is designed with a spectacular game of unmatchable precision and a never-fading beauty. 

The choices of marble are overwhelming and tricky at the same time. With a pool of options arise the perplexity of making the righteous decision. It might seem like an easy sail at first but transforms into hardship at the later stages. Don’t fret! Below is the guide that might be an excellent place to start. Learn more about marble and its type, and determine what kind of marble will be harmonious with your home project. 

Sail to the Marble Family

Accordingly, there are over 50 different types of marbles! But, most of these are considered sub-types. Therefore, let’s have an understanding of the five varieties most used in mid-century homes. 

Carrara Marble for home is the most common and economical type of marble. It has a gorgeous greyish-white appearance and is quarried in Tuscany, Italy. The delicate grey veining on the marble infuses an impressive appeal to it. Give your ambiance a noble and elegant appearance while keeping the budget in check.

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The rarest and most expensive marble, Calacatta marble for the home, is named from its discovery location near Carra, Italy. Among the most popular marbles, its distinguishing, cracked patterns and grey veins make each slab a unique piece to adore. Thick, dark veins on white make this the best choice for aristocratic design.

Emperador marble is a type of Spanish marble, a gorgeous selection of browns with a unique landscape to decorate your home. It comes with white and grey veining in an asymmetrical pattern that fits like harmony in modern home styles. If you are a fan of gold and brass artefacts, this marble is for you! 


Yet another handsome marble hailing from Spain, Crema Marfil marble for home is one of the finest marbles that can complement any home design. The beige, creamy color, with a uniform background, is best suited for big projects as well as subdued details, both interiors, and exteriors. It has irregular veining with tones ranging from gold, yellow, white to cinnamon.

Levadia Black Marble is a well-known variety of marble from Greece. It comes with a smoke pot pattern veining in greyish color. Best suited for counter-tops and works as poetry when used in conjunction with light-colored marbles.


Aesthetic and Durable: Variegated Properties of Marble

Irrespective of the various kinds of marble available in the market, it has common properties that will make it wanting. The aesthetics and appearance of the marble are hard evidence of its eternal beauty. The pool of colors and spectrum of hues and finishes make each slab of marble a remarkable piece of slab. In addition to this, it is a highly durable natural stone. Thanks to the intensive treatment that makes marble last for 4-5 decades. The next in the queue is the glamorous marble finishes without gloss. You no longer need to install and polish your marble floors and walls. Instead, opt from the pool of marble finishes and make your wall an eye-freezing sight of the home. 


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