October 8, 2020 0 Comments Arcedior Project, Interior Design

Arcedior Assists in Sourcing of Interior Products for a Corporate Office Project During the Lockdown – All while working from home


We are proud to share our recently completed a Corporate Office Project covering 25,000 sq. ft.

It all started with an inquiry from the client and the Mumbai-based architect. Their goal was to complete the project within the lockdown period.

Objective: The client wanted an elegantly stylish office space completed before the operations started in full swing post lockdown.

Challenge: The team was required to work from home because of the government-enabled restrictions and social distancing norms due to the lockdown. Most face-to-face meetings were substituted with video calls.

First Things First

We conducted a meeting with the client and the architect to understand what the client required and what the vision of the architect was. An open discussion allowed us to exchange ideas and understand what the client was expecting.

This was followed by many hours of brainstorming sessions within the team members of Arcedior and the flow of ideas between the internal team and the client. Ideas were put together on paper, drawings were prepared, mood boards were created, and finally, an overall plan was arrived at.

Steering Through the Project

The sourcing requirement included products for the reception area, waiting area (general and VIP), workstation area, cafeteria, conference rooms, cabins (director, general, and secretary), and boardroom – covering 2 floors.

We began with asking the client to check out our global sourcing portal for selection that already has over 55,000 products listed from over 500 brands. Simultaneously, our team started to work on the options based on the layouts and 3D drawings provided by the architect. 

Customization for Perfection

Once the selection was confirmed, we started coordinating with vendors and brands to customize finishes, textures, colors, etc. of products as per the requirements. 

The finishes of the lights were made uniform through proper coordination. We also customized the sofas and the color of the fabric to make every product look synchronized. Most importantly, our team was continuously in touch with the vendors and the architect’s team, as it was very important to avoid any kind of discrepancies at a later stage. Our project coordination team, along with the business development team, executed the entire project seamlessly with great support from the architect’s team and our vendors.

Despite all the challenges due to social distancing norms, special attention was given to the quality of the products sourced.

Reception and Waiting Area

The reception area required 3-seater & single chair sofas made with leather and feather-filled cushions in a solid wooden frame. We also sourced stainless-steel wall art as well as wall lamps made using brass and special glass LED brass. Several minimal and elegant artifacts complete the look.

17th Floor Reception Area

18th Floor Reception Area

Workstation Area

The workstation area required two, four, and eight-seater workstations with sliding cover cable box and contrast steel legs. The muted tones and subtle palette selection create a harmonious feel essential for work.  


The cafeteria is used to inject color in the entire space in just the right amount. Quirky geometric pendant lamps, colorful barstools, and triangular tables add life to the space.

Conference Room

The conference room is elegant in its demeanor with the use of gold and matt black colors. Iron, bronze, aluminum, and marble artifacts are for décor elements.


In the general cabins, aluminum, bronze, and ceramic artifacts are used. Pendant lamps have golden accents to lend a luxurious look and feel. Couches consist of metal frames, stainless legs, and high-density foam for ultra-comfort.

General Cabin

VP Operations Cabin

Director’s Cabin

Board Room

The chairs in the board room are elegant yet vibrant with the Donati mechanism for adjustability. It also consists of pendant lights made of aluminum + acrylic complete with brass finish. Iron, crystal black, and high-temperature ceramics artifacts display class.


The entire project was challenging because the team was working from home, but the end result made us confident that teamwork can do wonders. Our team of sourcing experts stayed consistently connected with the client to make sure that the project was completed flawlessly. We feel elated to have surpassed client expectations in terms of quality as well as aesthetics.

Looking forward to more such projects!